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From 1987 until 1996, Washington, D.C. and the surrounding suburbs were subjected to the unrelenting sonic assault known as The Suburban Bushmen.

The Bushmen were the unholy love child of Larry "The Bushman" Bush & Michael G. Stewart, rising from the ashes of their former bands -3 Wheel Drive and Electric Tibet.

With the addition of Martin Henze, the infamous "flailing bassist", and Italian screen idol, drummer Mark Coggiano, the quartet set out to conquer the world, one sleazy dive at a time.

Constantly on the run from lawsuits over audiences shattered eardrums, the band continued to appear & disappear one step ahead of the law- and broken hearted women through-out the Metro area. Like any great creative force, personnel changes were inevitable, and Henze eventually left to be replaced by Rob "Stoneface" Anderson, while Coggiano  was followed by BBQ Bob Miller when Mark accepted the Nobel Prize for medicine.

This epic group eventually disbanded in 1996 when Larry entered the priesthood and Michael figured he was better at imaging musicians than being one. Recently unearthed in a landfill in Gaithersburg, these forgotten gems are the lads gifts to humanity.

Perhaps, with a little imagination, these songs can help bring about world peace, or domination, whichever pays the best royalties! Enjoy!

Michael G. Stewart 2011


The Suburban Bushmen

Larry Bush - Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Michael G. Stewart - Lead & Rhythm guitar, Bass
Martin Henze - Bass
Rob Anderson - Bass
Mark Coggiano - Drums
BBQ Bob Miller - Drums
Janice Hazlehurst - Backing Vocals

"Melting Dogz© Michael G. Stewart 1987
"Looking Over Her Shoulder" © Michael G. Stewart 1988
"Twenty Times Today" © Larry Bush
"Pushing Paper Around" © Larry Bush
"Don't Want To Drive My Car" © Larry Bush
"Eye of the Storm" © Michael G. Stewart 1988
"Talk to Me in Riddles" © Michael G. Stewart 1988
"Don't Need You" © Larry Bush
"Smell the Sea" © Larry Bush 
"Whispered Promises" © Michael G. Stewart 1986
"Rasheeda's Blues" © Larry Bush
"Desolation Tears" © Michael G. Stewart 1984
"Highway of Your Love"  © Michael G. Stewart 1984

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